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New Board Member Spotlight: Adrienne Sturrup

New Board Member Spotlight: Adrienne Sturrup

We have recently welcomed 3 new members to Explore Austin’s Board of Directors: Brad Garner, Lenar A. Cantu, and Adrienne Sturrup. We’re excited to add these dynamic professionals to the Explore Austin team. 


How did you get involved with Explore Austin?

A colleague of mine, who shares my passion for youth development, introduced me to the organization.  Her passion for the mission and work and her hope for the organization’s future encouraged me to pursue the opportunity to serve.


How would you define good leadership?

For me, leadership is not about exercising authority.  It is more about leveraging influence.  Good leadership is sacrificial, giving more than it takes, and it should ultimately seek to serve.


What do you do for work?

I work for the City of Austin, Austin Public Health Department.


What are you most excited about in working with Explore Austin?

National trends show that the impacts of the COVIID-19 pandemic have long-term effects on our young people’s mental health.  In historically marginalized communities where mental health care is either inaccessible or highly stigmatized, Explore Austin is positioned to provide youth from these communities opportunities for experiential learning and the development of social and life skills that can help build their resilience and coping mechanisms.  I want to be a part of that.


What part of the Explore Austin ethos do you identify with the most?

“Leading with Equity.”


How do you think about helping others and giving back?



What’s a fun fact about you?

Not exactly fun, but often surprising to others – at 6’1″, I have never played any organized sports at the high school or collegiate level.  Still, I have helped several people reach items off the top shelf at the grocery store.