Our Board

Our Board of Directors and Advisory Council are responsible for the strategic direction and governance of Explore Austin. Our board members are a diverse group of individuals, each of which is committed to ensuring that Explore Austin remains the professional, sustainable, and effective organization that it is today.

To learn more about becoming a board member, contact Kathleen Schneeman, CEO at

Advisory Council

Steve Aycock
Stephanie Bazan
Buck Bracey
Mike Braeuer
John Burnham
Christine Chute
Makonnen Collier
Christie Curtis
Rich DePalma
Cooper Dukette
Cathy Egboh
Ryan Fickert
Jarrod Freshour
Morgan Gaddis
Billy Gammon
Ky Harkey
Jason Herd
Emma Herzog
David Hughes
Ann Jerome
Jaime Knight
Mina Kumar
Mat Lamb
Revlynn Lawson
Steve Leach
Mike Leary
Tori Liggett
Mary Clare Matthews
Mark McClain
Michael McGill
Jaime Miller
Brandon Monroe
Drury Morris
Jennifer Mull-Neuhaus
Scott Munro
David Niewolny
Cory Older
Hudson Penn
Kazique Prince
Kent Radford
Theo Ramsey
Pat Robertson
Derek Romano
Lori Sheehan
Rusty Stein
Ray Swank
Andrea Torres
Jeremy Wahlberg
Kevin Walbrick
Warren Walters
Lindsay Wenk
Josh Winkler
Elena Zifkin