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Mentor Matches

Valentine’s Day 2019: Explore Austin Mentor Matches


In honor of Valentine’s Day, we are sharing some of the love that has flourished over the years at Explore Austin. Mentoring with others who share common values and passions often creates a foundation for lifelong friendships, relationships, and families. Over the years, Mentors have fallen in love with Explorers, the outdoors, and in special cases, each other.

 Let’s meet some of our Explore Austin Power Couples and find out what Explore Austin means to them!

Paulina Urbanowicz, 2021 Girls Arrows Mentor, and Josh Pollock, 2021 AAPS Boys Mentor: Married (almost!) 1 year

How did you meet?

We met during our first mentor training. Neither of us was able to stay the night for the camp-out, so we carpooled to Inks Lake.

How does Explore Austin exemplify your shared values and interests?

We both value quality time, and mentally staying in the present. These are two things that Explore Austin helps our Explorers to focus on, and hopefully instills in them a life-long appreciation for the outdoors and the power of self-reflection and self-awareness. We also both think it’s critical to invest time in our community and in tomorrow’s leaders – we want to equip the next generation with all of the life-long skills and loving support that we’ve been fortunate to experience throughout our lives.

What is your favorite shared memory you have from your time at Explore Austin?

Picking each other up after getting back from a Summer Wilderness Trip and talking about/debriefing on our experiences. It’s fun and awesome to know that the other person actually has a very accurate understanding of what your (otherwise very unique) experience is like.


Claudia and Nathan Harding; both joined as NEW 2025 Mentors this year: Married for 13 Years

What encouraged you to become Explore Austin Mentors together?

We learned about Explore Austin from Jessica Pino, a past mentor, and we were immediately drawn to the program. We believe that we can all play a role in raising up the next generation and found the idea of mentoring through the outdoors very exciting!

How does Explore Austin exemplify your shared values and interests?

Explore Austin exemplifies our belief that our experiences can teach and empower us. Our hope is that as mentors we can support and help Explorers to believe in their potential through the experiences and challenges they’ll face on outdoor adventures.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


Thank you to our Mentor Matches for spreading the love and for always being inspiring role models for our Explorers. The shared values among our married Mentors (like adventuring, self-awareness, self-reflection, and empowerment) are all crucial in upholding Explore Austin’s mission.

Sophia Cantor
Social Media Coordinator