Matt Williams, Business Coordinator

Matt shares “Before joining EA, my last major role was as an Operations Manager at Austin Bouldering Project. A climbing gym on the east side of Austin. I was responsible for maintaining operations of the facility and leading a team. It was a really cool experience. I was part of so many different things with that company, construction of the gym, working at the front desk. I met a lot of my friends through there and ultimately, managed the team for three years. I got to share something that has been such a big part of my life with people. After three years in that role, I got to the point where I was wanting some change. So I left the ABP in 2021 and explored some areas I was interested in like data analytics and web development. I took a couple of boot camps and just learned some new things. Then once this job opened up I thought it might be a great fit and I got connected with the team.

Climbing is my main hobby and has been with me for 10 years or so now. Climbing is the medium, but the big passion behind it all is really having a connection with something bigger. It’s important to get outside of ourselves and connect with something larger. Being outside is a literal way to do that. You’re connecting with the planet and things outside of yourself. There are so many things you can learn from it if you’re open. Being outdoors is a huge passion of mine, especially with other people.