Sam Gammage

Hometown: Austin, Texas 
College/Major: Law Degree from St. Mary's University and Psychology Degree from Texas State University 
Where do you currently work? Committee Director for the Transportation Committee of the Texas House of Representatives 
What is your favorite outdoor activity? Mountain Biking, running, backpacking, fishing, and hunting. Impossible to pick just one. 
What do you enjoy doing in your free time? In my free time I enjoy being outdoors as much as possible, no matter what the activity. My fiance and I enjoy running full and half marathons. Running town lake with our dog. Binge watching netflix shows. Following Texas politics.   
How has an experience with a Mentor impacted your life? While I was growing up my house seemed like Grand Central Station with all of the kids that were in and out of the house. I just thought I was really popular, but little did I know that my parents were always there helping kids from my school with family, legal, and many different issues. Now as an adult, many of these same kids have told me stories about how my parents helped them get out of abusive homes, helped them with school activities, and provided a means of support in any way that they could. Growing up in this atmosphere sort of shaped who I am today. 
Why did you decide to become a Mentor? Explore Austin has combined two of my favorite things, working with youth and the outdoors. How could I not want to become a mentor? This program provides a perfect opportunity to pass along leadership and mentoring experiences to a future generation while also showing them the natural beauty and respect for the outdoors. I was hooked from the first moment I stumbled onto their website. 
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