Our Explorers

We refer to our participants as “Explorers”.

Our Explorers are low-income youth from sixth to twelfth grade. 98% are of Hispanic descent and many come from single-parent homes. We currently serve over 270 Explorers and our program is constantly expanding. We recruit the majority of Explorers through partnerships with KIPP Austin College Prep, KIPP Austin Beacon Prep, Austin Achieve Public Schools, Wayside Schools, and most recently, Austin ISD.

Just 8% of young people ages 6 to 17 have access to a formal mentor.
Hispanic youth (45%) felt least comfortable seeking advice from adults.
Our Explorers are 10% higher on a youth development scale than the national average.
Our Explorers are 90% more likely to succeed in school.
“I accomplished something I never thought possible, and I know now to never doubt myself again because I’m capable of anything.”

– Isabella, Explorer