What is an Explorer?

At Explore Austin, we empower kids through leadership, mentoring, and outdoor adventure.
We call our kids “Explorers” because they seek adventure and opportunity wherever they go!
“Being able to have a mentor and go on amazing adventures is just a blessing; I can come to them for anything and I feel the genuine love and compassion.”
– Joan Z, Explorer
“My first trip made me feel more independent and proud of myself… If I didn’t have my Mentors, I wouldn’t be the person I am today.”
– Alison T, Explorer

Join a Team!

Explore Austin is a FREE program. Explorers participate by joining a team of 15 kids and 5 adults (mentors). This team stays together for 6 years – from May of 6th grade to 12th grade – doing adventure activities during the school year and over summer break. These activities are called “Saturday Challenges” and the “Summer Wilderness Trip”.

“Our mentors teach us a lot and most of all, help us become a better person… without them, I wouldn’t be here.”
– Juan, Explorer

What is a Saturday Challenge?

Once a month, Explorers will participate in 9 adventure-based challenges to prepare them for Summer Wilderness Trips. These Saturday Challenges include 2 team building days, 5 core adventure focused activities, 1 leadership asset building day, and 1 volunteer day. Throughout, explorers will participate in leadership activities and discussions, as well as a fundraising opportunity.

What is a Summer Wilderness Trip?

Every summer, Explorers and Mentors apply the leadership skills developed through the Saturday Challenges on a week-long Summer Wilderness Trip. Each year, the Summer Wilderness Trip increases in challenge and builds upon skills learned in previous years. Explorers are pushed out of their comfort zones as they are challenged physically, emotionally, and mentally. It is on these trips that Explorers form a unique bond with their Mentors and get to test their leadership abilities to the fullest.

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Summer Wilderness Trips

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