Mica Crouse

Mica Crouse is the US Climate and Energy Communications Director for Environmental Defense Fund, a leading nonprofit organization that links science, economics, law and innovative private-public sector partnerships to create transformational solutions to the most serious environment problems. She earned a BA in Psychology from Southern Methodist University and a MBA from Columbia Business School, with a focus on Social Enterprise. Outside of work, Mica loves to travel and enjoys spending time outdoors with her dog Zoe as well as backpacking, biking, kayaking, snowboarding, and rock climbing. Mica is passionate about sustainability and, in addition to serving as an Explore Austin Advisory Council member, she is an Explore Austin Mentor and co-chairs Explore Austin's Mentor Leadership Council. As an undergraduate, Mica co-founded an organization called Care for Kids that raised funds for underserved, inner-city Dallas youth. She is involved in Explore Austin because she believes that nature is an extremely powerful tool for good and hopes to serve as a positive role model, assisting future leaders in developing the necessary skills, commitment, integrity, and self-confidence to confront life's challenges and realize their full potential.