Leah Yanez

Without realizing, I found the love of the outdoors at a young age. My dad, who adopted me when I was five, enjoyed showing me new things around Austin; fishing at Mansfield Dam, biking on the Veloway, hiking on the Greenbelt, you name it. It wasn't until I joined Explore Austin that I realized how much these experiences had an impact on my love of adventure and also why I am a natural leader.
In college, I worked for the Houston Chronicle while studying journalism. After graduating from the University of Houston, I took a trip to Hawaii where I hiked the Na Pali Coast on a whim. During the hike, I was challenged mentally and physically, and I saw that pushing myself beyond what I thought was possible had the greatest rewards. In the end, it was an experience that made me see the world differently and reignited my passion for the outdoors.
After college, I worked in publishing until I found myself in graphic design and later, marketing. Now, I'm a brand manager for a local ad agency. I love traveling, seeing live music, cooking, hiking, running and spending time with friends, my boyfriend and his 10-year old daughter, Anna.