Kim Tesarek

Kim loves working with youth and providing support and guidance to explore their full potential.  She has lived in Chile, Argentina and Colombia teaching English and studying law and loves having the opportunity to communicate in Spanish.  Kim has worked as a corporate attorney in Austin since 2012 after graduating from Harvard Law School.  Some of Kim's favorite life experiences include drinking straight from the glacier on a ten day hike in Torres Del Paine park in Patagonia, climbing stunning overpasses with alpaca llamas on the Salkantay trek in Peru, combating vicious mosquitos in the jungle trek to La Ciudad Perdida in Colombia and winding through the Ho Chi Minh trail in Vietnam by motorcycle.  She's eager to introduce the next generation of explorers to the exciting, though sometimes grueling, experience of outdoor adventuring and how to build a curiosity and willpower that will translate to success in other parts of life.

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