Jessica Sager

Hometown: Austin, TX

College & Major: University of Texas, Sociology

Where do you work? I am currently self-employed as a Consultant and business coach, doing work with several other local companies and entrepreneurs. My main consulting work right now is with a company called Moolah U, which creates and delivers programs that teach entrepreneurship, leadership and financial literacy to young people.

Favorite Outdoor Activity: Hiking, running Town Lake, swimming, breathing and laughing—just about everything is better outside.

What do you like to do in your free time? I'm a lifelong student, so I'm always taking classes and workshops to learn new things—currently I am learning about plants medicine and herbalism. I also love to be active in the community through volunteering, and love any and all opportunities to dance.

How has an experience with a mentor impacted your own life? I remember having such a hard time adjusting in 7th grade. Having been heavy in 6th grade, I was determined to lose weight and fit in for 7th grade. However, even after I was a "normal" size, I didn't feel like I fit in or was understood. That summer after 7th grade, I had a camp counselor named that was amazing. She was the first person who seemed to notice when I was withdrawn and trying to blend in; she was the first person who really encouraged me to come out of my shell. It was one of the first times I felt noticed or seen. In many ways, it was just a series of small acts—checking on me when I was not in the room or not participating, taking time to listen and ask questions—and those small things made all the difference in my world by helping show me that I mattered, my opinion and presence made a difference to someone else. That's what I want to share with everyone—that we all matter, we all have the ability to make a difference.

What made you decide to be a mentor? I knew Explore Austin was an organization that I wanted to join and support. I love being in nature, I love leadership development, I love helping and I love learning—I'm beyond thrilled to be involved!!

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