Jeremy Wahlberg

Austin, TX
College & Major: 
Texas Tech University, Masters of Architecture
Where do you work?
During the past 9 years I've worked at several architecture firms in austin assisting in the development of projects ranging from custom residences, multi-story office buildings, projects for the City of Austin, surgery centers and even the state of the art College of Communications at the University of Texas. Currently I work with Delineate Studio as an Architectural Designer.
Favorite Outdoor Activity
Swimming is likely my favorite activity, though I enjoy just being outside. Being in water provides me a sense of freedom and weightlessness. I especially enjoy swimming with a scuba mask at Barton Springs and viewing the natural underwater flora & fauna. 
What do you like to do in your free time?
I'm probably exploring new parks and cities with my wife Brooke or taking our dogs Lucy & Holly on adventures around town lake or the green belt.
What was an important outdoor experience you had as a Middle Schooler or High Schooler?
One of the more memorable trips was going with my family to Garner State Park. We packed up a travel trailer and camped out for a few weeks on the Rio Frio. We spent our time floating the river, swimming and jumping into the water off rope swings. We also went to a Rodeo in Leakey Texas a few miles away which I'll always remember. Being outside and near water is something I continue to try and do . . . it brings a calm and allows me to settle and reflect.
What made you decide to become a Mentor?
The ability to share experiences of getting outside. The opportunity to connect with a team and a younger generation. Returning the generosity of those who took time to mentor me and giving my time to others in that same way inspired me to become a mentor.