Jamie Matthews

Jamie received his BA from Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee, his MBA from National University in San Diego, California, and is a graduate from the Acton MBA in Entrepreneurship program in Austin, Texas, where he is currently a Master Teacher. It was through the Acton program that he and Carter Higley first met and realized that they shared similar life-long interests. He helped Carter launch a very similar program in Houston, Texas called LEAD. Jamie is a long time entrepreneur and has conceived and succeeded in several business projects. Example include a restaurant and bar in Nashville, Tennessee; a non-profit foundation that supports a wide variety of charities, scholarships and non-profit programs across the country, and numerous real estate projects in Texas, California and Colorado. Jamie has a passion for the outdoors that stems from his own outdoor learning experiences growing up. Jamie has envisioned providing similar outdoor learning opportunities to those less fortunate for several years. The Acton MBA program inspired Jamie to make that vision a reality.