Faces of Explore Austin

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“This is my last year as an Explorer and for our last trip we climbed Mt Baldy in Colorado. It was the most challenging thing I’ve ever done but I leave with incredible satisfaction knowing I pushed hard and could rely on my amazing trip leaders, Mentors, and fellow Explorers. I leave with incredible, rewarding experiences that have now impacted me and I can only imagine the way that Explore Austin will continue to change lives.”

– Guadalupe, 2019 Girls Explorer

Guillermo assisting one of his Explorers write postcards on their first Summer Wilderness Trip

“The ultimate way that I can prove this program works is to come back and serve as a Mentor. I want to pass on the gifts Explore Austin gave me and a be the hero to them that my Mentors were to me. If I can change the life of just one Explorer in my group I will know.”

– Guillermo, 2015 Boys Explorer & 2024 Boys Mentor

Veale, Rachel-2679

“Kindness is not created or destroyed, it is just transferred. When I have these interactions with girls, I think about the people who have impacted my life. I get to be a vehicle for this wisdom and this kindness that has come to me from being mentored in my life, and do whatever I can to pass it on.”

– Jessica Sager, 2020 Girls Mentor