Christina Ewin

Christina Ewin is the Program Coordinator for Explore Austin (EA), where she ensures that trips and challenges are executed successfully while focusing on communication/logistics with parents, mentors, and staff. Having spent a semester with the Pacific Northwest branch of the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS) in college, Christina wanted to get involved with Austin’s outdoor community and knew Explore Austin was the perfect fit. Originally seeking out a mentoring role, Christina was excited to find a permanent place on the EA staff.


Previously, Christina worked in advertising and marketing for the pharmaceutical and real estate industries before finding her passion in outdoor education. Having experienced such a positive impact as a student with NOLS, she is enthusiastic about the opportunity to deliver similar outcomes to our Explorers – providing guidance, respect, and mentoring along the way.


Christina enjoys rock climbing, singing, playing guitar, and travel. To document her adventures, she collects bumper stickers and magnets from all over the world. While the bumper stickers make continued journeys on the back of her car, the magnets live on the fridge at her parent’s home (accompanied by magnets collected by her entire family).


The youngest of four daughters, Christina feels her childhood education was strongly driven by philanthropy and an emphasis on volunteering. Knowing that she wanted her everyday life and career to effect positive change in the community, she feels that her position at Explore Austin is both gratifying and motivating.


You win with Ewin.  

Email Christina at [email protected]