Charlene Solomon


As a former Michigander, Charlene grew up going backpacking, camping, rock climbing, portaging, and canoeing with her family.  It was through these challenging activities that she learned a deep appreciation and passion for the outdoors.  She believes that humbling yourself before nature‚Äôs grandeur is the ultimate way to find yourself.  She has since studied the Spanish language in Alicante, Spain, taught bootcamps on the beaches of California, lived in Denver where she spent a lot of time skiing, and hiked the tallest mountain in the contiguous U.S., Mt Whitney.  She is also a yogini that enjoys all forms of yoga.  In her free time, you can find her rocking climbing at Seismic or Enchanted Rock.  She has worked with kids of all ages and has since found that she really enjoys working with young women, witnessing them develop independence and a sense of confidence.