Austin Sims

Having grown up in the West Texas town of Lubbock, Austin spent plenty of time outdoors with his family. With New Mexico close by his family hiked in Ruidoso during the summers or went white-water rafting in Colorado. Upon finishing undergrad he moved around the country working for AT&T in Los Angeles and Oklahoma, eventually making his way down to Austin where he worked in government relations for Public Strategies. It was during this period that Austin developed a passion for research and data analysis, and decided to move back to Lubbock in 2009 to earn his doctorate at Texas Tech. At Tech his primary research and dissertation focused on how individuals process information, trying to determine the variables and factors that make messages more credible and believable; while in his cognate he enthusiastically studied game theory and rational decision making. Upon graduation he moved back to Austin as he found that he loved the area and people, and began working in data analysis and predictive analytics. It was shortly after his move that he learned about Explore Austin and in the summer of 2013 he joined Explore Austin as a 2020 boys mentor. Throughout his time in Explore Austin, he has had the opportunity, both with explorers and other mentors, to go rock climbing, hiking, standup-paddle boarding, and canoeing and kayaking. In fact almost all of his favorite moments since he moved back have been exclusive to being in Explore Austin. When he’s not crunching numbers or mentoring explorers Austin can usually be found jogging throughout his neighborhood, reading the news or a book, or traveling back to West Texas for college football.