Ann Jerome

Ann Jerome is Explore Austin’s CEO and is responsible for the leadership of the organization. She supports all aspects of the work that must be completed whether it be program operations, fundraising, working with volunteers and mentors, or serving as a spokesperson to convey our message to the community.  


Since 1990, Ann has held several leadership roles at other not-for-profit organizations during her career. After earning her bachelors and masters degrees in sociology from the University of Memphis, she knew nonprofit was her route. On moving to Austin in 2008, Ann continued in a leadership role in the Ronald McDonald House Charities organization before leading the local Austin market of the American Heart Association by serving as the Executive Director and VP of Corporate Development.


Overall, Ann loves the outdoors and being active outside as a runner, cyclist, and swimmer. She enjoys the challenge EA presents to the kids, the support we provide and values the long-term aspect of the program. Hearing from Alumni Explorers and seeing the maintained relationship with their Mentors years after graduation, fascinates Ann and proves the impact of the program. Working and traveling with the Mentors and Explorers, Ann can feel like a kid herself, be silly, be challenged, and get dirty outside while teaching the next generation how to appreciate and have fun in the great outdoors.

Email Ann at [email protected]