Chris Swaim

What is your hometown? I was born in Huntsville, TX but moved to Beaverton, OR at a young age and grew up there. 
Where did you attend college and what was your major? I attended the University of Washington in Seattle and I have a BS in Mechanical Engineering.
Where do you work? I work for an early stage medical device company called Anaxiom. 
What is your favorite outdoor activity? I enjoy fishing, camping and driving my Jeep.
What do you like to do in your free time? I love spending time with my wife Katie and our new little man, Matthew. I also enjoy building things, welding, and working on my Jeep. 
How has an experience with a mentor impacted your life? Watching a quiet group of boys grow into young men and continue to overcome any challenge put before them has been very rewarding.  
What made you decide to be a mentor? I became a mentor to give back to the community and having the opportunity to do that in an outdoor setting made the decision to become a mentor that much easier!
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